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Aesthetic Stickers | Laptop Stickers | Water Bottle Stickers

High-quality Laptop, Water Bottle & Aesthetic stickers that are vinyl, waterproof & dishwasher safe. Our stickers are hand-drawn in a pretty and feminine aesthetic, usually with fun pastel colors. 

About Our Aesthetic Stickers For Water Bottles & Laptops

We have a huge collection of laptop and aesthetic stickers in many different styles. These Aesthetic stickers are all hand-drawn by our team of illustrators and typically include fun and pastel colors! The different types of sticker collection include: florals, fruits, botanicals, characters, affirmations, self-love, mental health, animals, bugs, and many more different categories. We release a ton of stickers each month and we are always looking for new activities to create stickers around so that there is a sticker for all types of lifestyles, interests and hobbies.

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