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This Week In The Pink House | December 11th

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

This week was not an overwhelming busy week at the Pink House but we were still hustling to get out as many orders as we could. Today I will be bringing you into the Pink House and sharing three good things that happened and three not so great things that happened!

Here they are in no particular order!

  1. USPS Didn’t Show Up On Wednesday - Typically USPS shows up every single day at 1:30 to pick up the pallets of happy mail that need to make their way to all of your beautiful homes. Well on Wednesday USPS must have forgotten about us and left us with three pallets on the floor waiting to go out. It wasn’t the biggest deal because they came the first thing the following morning but it was tight in the packing area for a few hours!

  2. Leah’s First Day - We had a new team member join us this week. Her name is Leah and she is currently home from college. Her brother currently works here and she will be joining us this busy season to make all of your beautiful planners. We found out that she loves country music and has such a fun bubbly personality. We are happy to have her here!

  3. Failed Chipboard Delivery - On Tuesday morning we were expecting a delivery of 5 skids of Chipboard. We use chipboard to make all of our planner covers, and back our notepads and desk pads. Well when the truck arrived they sent the wrong truck and it couldn’t fit in our dock and it didn’t have a liftgate on the back to bring the pallets through our drive in!

  4. Paper Mill Is Out Of Paper - Easily the most upsetting thing that happened this week was we got word from our paper mill that they are completely OUT OF OUR PAPER! Before you start freaking out like I totally did, we are okay. We have a few pallets in stock and will still be able to fulfill orders. That being said, we have been working really closely with our paper distributor and the Mill to make sure that moving forward we can avoid these shortages! When I first heard about this, I started dancing on a pallet of paper to summon the “paper Gods” to make it rain more paper on Ivory Paper Co. Haha, I wish I was joking.

  5. We started shipping with DHL - For the last 14 months we have shipped exclusively with USPS and love them! They have been nothing but accommodating as our business has grown. However, we are now to the point where we are shipping hundreds of international packages each month and have partnered with DHL to meet those international shipping needs! Our first DHL pickup was this Wednesday and was a breeze!

  6. We Got Extra Storage Space - It’s not secret that we are bursting at the seams and need more space. We have been working on finding a new warehouse that will provide a couple thousand more square feet but in the meantime we are making due. A warehouse in the same complex as us just recently opened up and we were able to secure the ability to store our additional pallets in that facility. This is such a blessing and will free up so much more space on the production floor!

That was a quick rundown of this week in the Pink House. I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll chat with you all next Friday with another update! xx


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