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This Week At The Pink House | May 28th, 2021

Hello Friends! Happy Friday!

It has been a few weeks since our last Pink House update and I'm so excited to be chatting with you.

First I want to answer the most common question we get after these check in posts which is "why is it called the pink house?"

It's funny because the Pink House is not actually pink like some of you think it is. The exterior of our warehouse is a light tan brick with hideous orange signage! Haha - clearly not my first choice but obviously you don't get a say in that type of stuff when you're just leasing ;)

Back in July 2020 we upgraded from the first IPC office to the current warehouse we are in now. During the first week the team was in the new space, we kept going back and forth about what we should nickname our new home. Some of the contenders where the Planner Palace, Pink Palace, and many more that are too embarrassing to share! Haha

We had a white board full of name suggestions from the team and after about a week of debate we settled on the Pink House. We have one pink wall and a pink refrigerator, but that's about it. Pink isn't even my favorite color. It's just a color that has stuck with IPC's identity and we are very fond of it here internally. I always say "pink is a lifestyle, not a color" haha.

Hotter Than The Hinges Of Hell

I'm going to keep this short, but on Monday our HVAC system went down. And it was 80 degrees in the warehouse... We couldn't get it repaired until the following day, but let's just say the heat brings out the worst in me.. not to mention, that the HVAC in my home was being repaired at the same time. So it was hot at work and hot when I got home and I was grumpy. Luckily my mother lives 10 minutes away so I camped out there until my home returned to a decent temperature.

Printing Our New Social Planner

We launched our Social Planner two weeks ago and we have been busy printing away. This product is one that I have been so excited about for a long time and I'm eager for you all to really dive in and start using them. Speaking of printing, this week we had a few huge deliveries of paper that we've already made a pretty substantial dent in. More paper will be coming on Tuesday!

Hello Long Weekend

This is a long weekend for everyone here in the Pink House as we will take Monday off to observe Memorial Day. I will personally be spending the days with my girls, and fingers crossed it doesn't rain so we can head out for a pool day! Eleanor and Evelyn absolutely love being in the water and we will be spending pretty much all of our weekends this summer at a splash pad or a pool.

In Case You Missed It

If you missed any of the content we shared this week I have it all linked below so you can catch up.

Game Night Look - Sharing all my outfit details from a fun game night I hosted on Sunday with some of the IPC crew.

3 Affordable Ways To Freshen Up Your Kitchen For Summer - I just added some new touches to my kitchen and shared how you can do the same.


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