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This Week At The Pink House | April 23rd, 2021

Hello Friends! Happy Friday! Thank you all for all the sweet birthday messages that flooded both IPC's and my personal Instagram account this past weekend. I felt so much love and support from all of you. This was truly such a joyful birthday! So thank you for being apart of my special day!

This week at the Pink House was pretty standard. It’s been a few weeks since our seasonal employees, who came in to help get out the influx of orders, has not been with us and we are back down to our core team members. The energy in the warehouse has been really good and we all feel much less stressed. There has been so much laughter, friendly conversations, and of course lots of planner making!

On Tuesday, I had a day full of meetings and felt a little drained going into the work day on Wednesday. I spent a little extra time on Wednesday morning, journaling and setting my intention for the day because I had a lot on my plate. I pulled myself together and headed out for a meeting with Ohio Laminating before I had an interview with the press that I will share with you all once it is published.

Everytime I give tours of the Pink House, I feel super self conscious about it. The warehouse is by no means glamorous and to be honest, generally a bit messy as everyone hustles around working on orders. Shellie feels the same stress I do before the press comes in and she has always been so kind by helping me tidy up a bit the day before. I’m super grateful for the extra little things my employees do to help keep things running smoothly!

Today was a really good day overall! Production was in a groove and we got a ton done. I spent my day working with Erin and Dara on notepads, cards and desk pads. Working on add ons is one of my favorite things to do at the Pink House it’s just simple and feels like a break from my regular, busy CEO things. I also led a team meeting today at 4pm before we ended the work week which I haven’t done in FOREVER and it felt really good.

Next week will be a busy week because we are MOVING the warehouse, so I will be sure to keep you updated on how that goes!

I hope you all had a beautiful week and will have a relaxing weekend. xx


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