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Night Time Skincare Routine

Step 1 - Put My Hair Up | Okay so as you guys know, I have a lot of thick curly hair! Needless to say, I start by putting my hair up in a bun or pony before washing my face. I use this darling pack of scrunchies to keep my hair out of the way!

Step 2 - Take Off My Make Up | I don't wear make up daily, but when I do I always make sure to get every last bit off my face before bed. Nothing is worse for my skin the left over makeup. Aka - instant breakout. I like to keep things simple, so I use these grapefruit makeup removing wipes to get off most of my makeup. I also keep a pack of these wipes in my bag for late nights at the Pink House when I just need to get my make up off!

Step 3 - Face Mask | I typically try to do a face mask two times a week just to keep my skin fresh and exfoliated. Recently I tried out this tingly, deep cleaning mask from Glam Glow and I am obsessed. I love how I can feel it working!

Step 4 - Wash Face | For the sake of simplicity, I always wash my face in the shower using this gentle cleanser I grabbed the other day. This way I can take off my mask and make sure there isn't any makeup left on my skin.

Step 5 - Moisturize | After I get my skin clean, I always make sure to add back in tons of moisture to my face and lips. I have been using this moisturizer with SPF for about two years now and it's one of my staple products. I also love that I can pick it up at any drugstore! For lips, this lip therapy is perfect!

And that's it! Only five steps and takes me less than 5 minutes on nights when I am not wearing a mask!



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