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The Perfect Planner Set Up For 2021 - How I Use My Ivory Paper Planners

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Hi Friends! So on Instagram the other day I asked what blog posts you all wanted to see and the number one requested post was to show you all my 2021 planner set up. So I thought I’d get right to it and get this post up for you.

So for 2021 I am using a Navy Floral All-In-One planner for my personal/work planner and then a Blush Watercolor Floral Budget Planner. For my budget planner I chose a monthly edition because I plan my finances on a monthly basis rather than by paycheck.

I wanted to break down how I will be using my All In One planner because that is really my powerhouse planner!

Monthly Spread - So I use my monthly spreads to track business growth. In each daily box I write how many planners shipped that day and what the revenue was for that day. I also use my sidebar to track social media growth. I write how many Instagram followers I have at the beginning and end of the month.

I love to look back at old monthly spreads and see just how much I’ve grown. While, I dont go all out and make these spreads look super cute - I still adore them!

Weekly Spread - So I spend a lot of time on my weekly spreads but it truly is a creative outlet for me. Sometimes I use a sticker kit, other times I just get creative with my favorite pens. I did a whole post about my favorite pens, highlighters and markers I use in my planners. Everything is linked and I go into depth so you can read that post here!

I use my weekly spreads for memory keeping only. So during the week I never really touch it but I keep a note on my phone with just quick snippets from my day and at the end of the week I will go thru and fill in the boxes.

Daily Spread - I feel like my daily spreads are pretty simple. They are the most functional part of my planner and I tear them up. I literally try to jot everything down as quickly as possible and just get my day started. They aren’t the cutest. But they get the job done! Some days I try to make them a bit cuter and throw on a piece of washi tape, or use a cute pen but that’s a rare occurrence.

Budget Planner - I don’t do anything crazy in my budget planner. No stickers or anything. I just sit down at the end of every week and catch up. That being said, I do break down by transaction pages so they are sorted by category. I use one transaction page to track my food spending, another for my household expenses and another to track my transportation expenses and so on.

I hope you guys loved getting this peek into my current planner set up! Let me know what questions you have!


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