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Eleanor's 5th Birthday Party

Earlier this month we gathered with friends and family to celebrate my oldest daughter, Eleanor’s, 5th birthday! I know absolutely every parent says this but it’s bitter sweet how fast the years go by.

I feel like just the other day, Eleanor was a baby and now she’s an entire human being who goes to school, has her own friends and opinions of the world.

To help bring this event to life I headed to my favorite event rental company here in Columbus, Ohio, Aiden & Grace. I have used them for event in the past and it's such an easy process.

I rented the cocktail tables, pink bar, along with the kids tables and chairs from Aiden & Grace for this event. For the flowers you are seeing on top of the tables and bar I sourced them from Global Rose and they came all the way from Columbia! My sister in law, Diane, and I spent the night before the event arrange them into vases and by the next morning all the roses opened up so beautifully.

My sweet friend, Brandy, has been helping me with all my events and parties for YEARS and she owns Silver Confetti Events. She made all the ballon garlands and provided the backdrop for the food table. It all came together so perfectly.

I've seen grazing tables all over Pinterest and I knew I wanted to have one at this party. I searched high and low for someone locally and I couldn't find anyone I absolutely loved. So I decided to do it myself.

I had many of the items like the cheese, crackers and sandwhiches catered by a local company that employs survivors of human trafficking, Freedom Ala Cart. They delivered the food first thing in the morning and I set it all up and filled in the spaces with fruit and veggies. Overall I love how it turned out!

Okay, so maybe you think I am crazy for having a bar at a child's birthday party but the parents should have a good time too. I found a company on Google, With A Twist Bartending, who I booked for the event. I provided all the alcohol and glassware and decorated the bar with fresh flowers and photos of Eleanor.

We served a Vodka Lemonade that we called the "Ivory On Ice" along with wine, mimosa and High Noons... and I know you are going to ask.. No. No one got overly intoxicated at the event. ;) We were all on our best behavior!

Since I own a printing company, I made all the custom signs you see on the bar, kids table and food tables to add a personalized touch to the tables.

Can we take a moment to appreciate this cake? One of my closest friends from childhood, Hillary, has grown into the most talented baker and decorator. I have used her for all of my events for over 5 years and she never ceases to amaze me.

She put so much detail into this cake and even made each of the curls on the little fondant Eleanor individually by hand. I am so blessed with so many talented friends.

Speaking of talented friends, my best friend Natalie is an amazing photograhper and shot all these beautiful photos you are looking at! Her photography business is White Elm Photography and she is the only person I have photograph my family because she always does such a great job and makes us feel so comfortable.

Let's talk about guests now, I haven't included many photos of guests for privacy reasons but we had over 80 people attend and celebrate Eleanor's with us. We have been blessed with so many kind and loving friends over these past few years. Since Eleanor started school last year, our circle of friends has grown tremendously and we are so grateful.

We had a piñata which we were super classy with and help up on the end of a broom pole. We didn't have a plastic bat so we pulled off one of the legs of an Ikea highchair which the kids then used to attack the piñata. Luckily kids are so chill and had no idea of how ridiculous this really was!

Overall, this day was magical. That night Eleanor snuggled up to me and said "mom this was the best day of my life, EVER!". That made it all worth it.

Alitzah's Outfit

Dress - Mille

Shoes - AllBirds


Ballon Garlands & Backdrop - Silver Confetti Events

Pink Bar, Cocktail Tables, Kids Tables & Chairs - Aiden & Grace

Cake, Cookies, Macarons & Cupcakes - Crumbs Up Cookies & Cakes

Catering - Freedom Ala Cart

Bounce House - MWR Rental

Photography - White Elm Photography

Flowers - Global Rose (arranged by me)


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