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CEO Morning Routine | Starting Your Day For Success

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

7:30am - Wake Up & Get Dressed

I know you probably think that I wake up super early and am crazy productive, but nope. Not even close. I typically work late into the night, aka rolling into bed around 1 or 2 in the morning, so I soak up as much sleep as possible.

Once I get out of bed, the first thing I do is calm my three year old, Eleanor, who insists she is starvingggggg. I give her a snack like these breakfast bars and throw on something comfy and easy for the day. I never dress up for work. We manufacture 100% of our stationery and planners here at IPC so I literally work in a production facility all day and heels aren’t conducive to the environment.

I usually grab an oversized sweatshirt and my favorite pair of leggings. I also opt for my go to pink sneakers from APL that are so comfy!

8:30am - Nanny Arrives | Head Out The Door

We have a nanny who works full time with our girls and she arrives every morning at 8:30am. When she comes in we quickly talk through the day like any housework that needs to be done, errands that need to be run, or anything particular with the girls.

This usually takes about 15 minutes or less and then I am out the door.

8:30am - Drive To Work & Chat With B

My drives to and from work are some of my favorite moments in the day! If you have been following Ivory Paper Co for a while now, then you probably know that Brandon, my handsome hubby, works as our Marketing Director.

We drive to work together in the morning and chat through what’s coming up that day and where the business is that day. We talk over ad spend and order volumes a lot during our morning drives.

8:45am - Grab Coffee

Not every morning, but most mornings we make a quick stop at Dunkin’ Donuts before we make it into the office. I like coffee in general and it depends on my mood what I get, but I love just a plain, Iced Cappuccino from Dunkin. If we happen to make our way to Starbucks, I will usually grab a Grande Latte made with Whole Milk and I like that to be prepared extra hot.

This morning we made our way to Dunkin’ and grabbed our usual!

9:00am - Production Team Meeting

Ivory Paper Co is at the point where we have been so blessed to have great people running the majority of our Production and Assembly operations. I do not run the production team meetings for our first shift, our Office Manager, Shellie, alongside our Production Manager, Shari, run these meetings. That being said, I do love to pop in and join the conversation when I can.

This morning, I happened to make it to the Pink House early and joined the team. Today was a light first shift because so many of our seasonal employees are college students and took this week off to finish out their finals!

9:15am - Meeting With Management Team

I sit down with our Production Management team at least every other day to chat through what’s going on. Since we manufacture all of our planners, stationery, apparel, etc in our facility, there are a bunch of moving parts that need to be working together to pull this all off and keep processing times short!

We typically chat over any service issues with the machines, any HR related issues or requests, like if we are needing to hire more or if someone needs an extended period of time off. We also go over the incoming order volume and outgoing shipment volumes.

Right now we are shipping a few pallets a day worth of orders and that will continue to rise through the end of December.

9:45am - Wrap Meeting & Skincare

Even if we aren’t done, we have a hard stop to our meeting at 9:45am. All of us have to get back to work. Shellie and Shari go back to the production floor and typically I join them. I have a desk next to theirs where I typically do all of my computer work. I love being on the production floor because the energy is so fun and really keeps me excited about the work we do here at Ivory Paper Co.

Since I stay up working pretty late, I usually roll out of bed to make it to the office and to my first meeting. I keep a whole set of skincare here at the Pink House so after my meeting with Production Management, I run into the bathroom and do my morning Skincare Routine. I have done a whole post about what skincare products I use, so if you want specifics - check the post out here!

10:00am - Write In Planner / Finish Coffee

I always set the groundwork for what I need to accomplish before I actually hop onto my computer and begin working. Once I finish my skincare routine, I sit down and nurse my coffee while I write in my planner!

I am currently using an All In One Planner and I went into full detail about what planners I am using this year and how I set them up. You can read that blog post here. The daily pages in my planner are my saving grace and I always start my copying over any tasks I didn’t complete yesterday and putting my schedule down for the day.

10:15am - Walk The Production Floor & Say Hi

I feel like I have said this a million times already but the energy on the production floor is contagious. Nothing is better than the chatter of the team, the clonking noises from the puncher and the hums of our printers. It is so grounding to walk the production floor and nothing fills my cup more than connecting with my team. Once my day is all planned out, I take a few minutes to walk the production floor and check in and see how everyone is doing.

I typically make jokes with Dan, do a little singing or dancing and strike up a few casual conversations before making it back to my desk. I’m so grateful to the people who show up every day to make everything here at IPC possible and I always want them to feel SEEN!

By this point it’s roughly 10:30am and I am ready and in the right mindset the start the day and hop into any meetings needed!

I hope you loved getting to dive into my morning routine during this busy season here in the Pink House!

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