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The 9 Best Pens, Markers and Highlighters for Planners

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Best Planner Pens

Today we are chatting all about our favorite pens and highlighters to use in our planners! We love decorating in our monthly, weekly and daily spreads and we are showing you exactly what we use to make that happen!

Planner Pens & Markers

1. Sharpie Pens - If you are looking for an ultra black pen, you can not go wrong with any of the sharpie pens! They go on the page super dark without bleeding through and even look great when writing on matte and glossy stickers!

2. Poppin Luxe Gel Pens - Is it silly to say that I love these pens because they come in the perfect blush pink color?! Haha, okay well its true. Not only do these pens write like a dream but they also look super cute in planner pics!

3. Pilot G2 - These Pilot G2 pens are hands down my favorite pen to use in my planner, they write SO smooth and work perfectly on glossy stickers!

4. Paper Mate Flair - These felt tip pens are a staple when it comes to creating an Insta-worthy planner spread! They are super affordable, and come in dozens of colors which are so vibrant and don't bleed through the pages of our planners!

5. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner - I love these pens because they are super fine and come in so many colors!

6. Tombow TwinTone Dual-Tip Marker - I use these a lot in my daily spreads to help decorate and add color! Super smooth to write with!

7. FriXion Fineliner Erasable Marker - One of our IPC customers actually recommended theses markers to me and they are a total game changer!

Planner Highlighters

8. Zebra Midliners - Let me just start by saying.. OH. EM. GEE. These highlighters are seriously a game changer. I picked some up at my local craft store last year and have used them religiously every since. Just like the Paper Mate Flair pens, they come in a bunch of different colors. And unlike most highlighters they aren't super neon and ugly. They have some of the prettiest pastel shades which I use all the time in the daily pages of my Ivory Paper Planner!

9. Stabilo Boss Highlighters - I have personally never used these highlighters, but my mom uses them in her spreads and they always look great! Plus, I love how they are super cute and compact, perfect prop for a planner photo!

Those are picks for the best pens, markers and highlighters, we would love to hear what you use in your planner! Leave us a comment below! xx

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