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5 Ways To Spend Your Weekend | Covid 19 Edition

Is it just me, or are you SO over this quarantine life. My family and I have been social distancing since March and at this point we are completely stir crazy. My daughters, Eleanor and Evelyn, are currently 1 and 2 years old, and have been needing some time out of the house. So in today's post I am sharing 5 Things You Can Do With Your Kids while still staying safe!

  1. Spend The Day At The Zoo - This weekend we decided to pack up the wagon (and lots of snacks of course) and head to the Zoo. Our zoo, The Columbus Zoo, has been open for a few weeks now and they have been taking extra precautions to keep visitors safe. Mainly by limiting the amount of guests at a time and only allowing those with reservations in. It was actually really nice because it was much less crowded than normal and the girls had a blast seeing the animals. Eleanor's favorite was the tiger! If there is a Zoo near you, I check to see what their policies are before packing up.

  2. Take A Walk Along The Water - Earlier this week, Brandon had some late meetings, so I ended up having to do our night routine solo. I knew the girls were going a little bonkers so I decided to take them to Hoover Dam for a stroll along the water and Chinese takeout!

  3. Go To A Drive In Movie - Okay, so we have not done this yet but I desperately want to. A new drive in theatre just popped up about 5 minutes from where we live and I think this would be so fun. Not only to take the kids but going to a drive in would also make for a great date night!

  4. Spend The Day At The Beach/Lake - Since we live in Ohio, we unfortunately do not get the pleasure of salt water, palm trees and beautiful beaches. However, we do have Lake Erie and a few other, smaller lakes that my kids LOVE to visit! The beach is the perfect place to get some sun, kill time, and wear your kids out ;)

  5. Go On A Drive - One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday morning is to grab coffee from Fox In The Snow and drive around with my family. Brandon and I love to drive through potential future neighborhoods, and our old stomping grounds when we were newlyweds. This pandemic is stressful and just taking some time in the car is the perfect way to find my center and relax!

Hope this post gave you some ideas on what to do this weekend with your littles! Leave me a comment below sharing ways you've been staying sane during this pandemic!



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