Best Academic Planners For College & High School Students In 2022

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Updated on Aug 5th, 2022

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Academic Planner For 2022

1 | Best Planner For Students In 2022 

2022 Academic Planner

The Academic Planner from Ivory Paper Co is one of the most in-depth student planners for the school year. This student planner is unique because there is a dual weekly layout. One weekly layout features hourly planning for your week and the other is to-do based planning. 

The Academic Planner

Daily Tasks In A Weekly View  

The first weekly layout of the dual weekly academic planner is a "to-do" based layout. This page is one of the most loved in all of academic planning. This is a weekly spread that has to-dos for each day of the week allowing for crushing your daily school do lists. This page also has a daily study and what's due section to highlight priorities and deadlines. Lastly, each day has a note section to add any miscellaneous events or tasks.  

Student Planner - Weekly Planner

(Weekly "To-dos" Page from the Academic Planner)

Academic Planner - Hourly Planning

The Academic Planner

Full Weekly Scheduling

The second weekly layout that comes after each "to-do" page is the "hourly scheduling" pages. This weekly spread let's you take planning one step further than tracking to-dos by allowing you to allocate when your are going to work on your tasks. The hourly planning pages are also great for remembering what other activities you have for the week.

(Weekly "Hourly" Page from the Academic Planner)